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Application and IT Support

We are highly experienced with Geoscience Systems and Technical Applications deployed in both a Windows or Linux Environment. We will handle all your IT systems requirments while you can concemtrate on your core business!

Our Technical and Business Application Support Services include:​​

  • Geoscience Application Support Services 

  • Database Administration (Oracle, SQL, MySQL, SQL-EXPRESS etc..)

  • License Server Management

  • FTP and Data Transfer Services for Geoscience

  • Linux \ Unix Systems Administration

  • High-Performance Workstation Solutions with Remote Access

  • Infrastructure and Storage Management 

  • Backup and Archiving Solutions

  •  Cloud-based solutions for Subsurface


Geoscience Application Support (Petrel, Studio IHS Kingdom etc….)

Our application support specialists have broad experience in supporting all the major Oil & Gas software applications from G&G to Drilling and Engineering. We are a vendor-neutral organisation and we support the entire portfolio of software applications. Typical systems support and deployments includes:

Petrel and Petrel Studio Database Deployments

IHS Kingdom and SQL Deployments

Techlog and Interactive Petrophysics

Eclipse and TNAV Support

License Server Configuration and Management

Other supported software applications: PaleoScan, RocDoc, Dug, Landmark Decision Space etc….

High Performance Workstations with Remote Access to Data

The Oil and Gas industry are high consumers of big data. Accessing large seismic data sets and running big simulations is highly resource intensive and can take a very long time time

We have done proper benchmark testing to ensure your Geoscience and Engineering teams are equipped with the right hardware and tools to do their jobs. We will deploy the right systems that are neither under spec or over spec to perform critical subsurface work.  

Our expert solution also includes Remote Accessing to Workstations and Technical Data via high speed Fibre-Channel connectivity. This is an excellent solutions for Smart and Flexible working from your home or any other remote location.  

UNIX, Linux Systems Administration

Provide on-site System Administration for UNIX\Linux server:

  • UNIX\Linux Installations, Configuration and Upgrades
  • Software deployment on UNIX\Linux Servers
  • Systems Administration such User Accounts, Permissions, Data Security and Authentication
  • Setup and Configure  Tape systems to Read SEGY Tapes
  • File-system and Storage Administration on UNIX\Linux
  • UNIX\Linux Backups and Archiving
  • Setup and configure of SAMBA services

FTP Server for Geoscience

Need to transfer sensitive Subsurface Data between partners or clients?

We have the right FTP solution for you! Our FTP Server solution is a highly functional, easy-to-use and secure solution that can be used in Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and Solaris. We understand the value and the sensitivity around “Geoscience Technical Data” and we will ensure data security will NOT compromised!

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