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Geoscience Data Management

Your petroleum data assets are at the core of your business. These are critical data sets on which you base all your exploration, drilling and production decisions.  Your data needs to be accurate, accessible, and trusted by the business.

Seismic and Well Data Management

Geophysical and Geological data are critical assets for your business. Organisations spend millions to acquire and process Seismic and Well data, it is essential to protect this investment and ensure your data are managed professionally.

Our experienced data managers are all trained Geoscientist and we understand the requirements and importance of your data.

Typical questions from subsurface professionals are:

“What Seismic and Well data do we have”?

“Can we trust our data before starting interpretation”?

We manage the full life cycle for all Seismic and Well data types, from data capturing and verification, to loading and managing data in your corporate data stores of choice.

​For many clients this is simply Seismic and Wells Master Projects setup in Petrel, Studio, Kingdom or Landmark.

Data Loading and Remote Data Loading

We have extensive Subsurface Data Loading experience combined with a strong understanding of the main industry application suites such as Petrel and Studio, Kingdom, Geoframe and Landmark.

​From day-to-day Data loading and support roles to project implementation or data clean-ups, we have the right candidates to supply on a short, medium or long-term basis.

​We also offer “Remote Data Loading and Data Management” services. Our remote services are efficient and effective with high speed Fibre Channel Connectivity to the clients location. 

Data Migration Services

We are experts in bulk migration of data between Databases and Subsurface Applications.

Whether you are going from Kingdom to Petrel or Landmark to Kingdom and Visa-Versa.
Our trained experts have extensive experience in mass data migration between G&G applications and we will ensure that your data are thoroughly QC’d during the migration process.

Seismic Tape Transcriptions

Legacy Seismic Tapes are of little value to your business and have a limited life span before they become unreadable!

We will Extract and QC all your Seismic Tapes into a readable format and these can either be stored on Disk or in the Cloud

Once the Seismic Tapes have been extracted, we will be able to build Seismic Repositories based on Basin, License, Blocks or Fields. 

We can read all Seismic Tapes with expert knowledge working with Pre-Stack Gathers, Migrated Seismic, Seismic Velocities, Seismic Navigation etc..

Data Room Services

We specialized in managing the entire Data Room process for you. Clients often travel long distances for data rooms to evaluate your assets. It is essential that the IT Technology and Data are readily available for a smooth and hassle free data room experience.

Typical Data Room Services include:
– Setup and Manage all IT requirements for the Data Room
​- Data Security: Ensure data room security is never compromised – USB Lock Policy
​- G&G Project Preparation, Crop and load Key Data into G&G Applications (Seismic, Horizons, Surfaces and Wells)
​- Prepare data packages for host companies based on the specification of the client
​- Pre and Post data room clean ups, ensure no trace of the previous data room has been left

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